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AOB2 Experiment with stuff

Book work.

Computer Jpeg version, off work done in photoshop.

Printed out Stuck in book Version.

Drawing version.
A page of An artist's work.

Page of my notes.

Fine liner pen.
Looking at Eyes.

Drawing Version.

Photoshop Version.

Drawing Version.

Photoshop Version.
My Mac screen.
My Mac.
Print Screen Shoot of Photoshop work.

This helps show the change I made I added a glowing edge effect.

This is the main picture to show you what it looks like I feel the effect makes it look so much more interesting.

Glowing edges effect in photoshop

Paint dabs effect in photoshop

You can see above my final design for Me & Geoff Waring the Illustrator.

Geoff Waring Illustrator

This is a version of my Illustrator done piece of Me & Geoff Waring, before it has been cropped down. To start of with I was set the task to draw a version of Me & Geoff Waring in the style of the Illustrators storybooks about a cat Oscar you can see the version of his work & the photo og Geoff Waring by the piece. Then I scanned them pictures into Photoshop saved them then placed them into Illustrator where I then made them look even more like the work of Geoff Waring by Using the Pen Tool & Colour. I started of by getting a picture of Geoff's work of Google on the Web so I could refer to it as I went along, I did my face first then I did Geoff Waring's face. I do each different part of the face on different layers making it easier to move things around. Then once I had finished the faces I added this green background I choose the green as it gave this nature like theme which Geoff Waring uses as a way to introduce Key Stage 1 Science to kids. I added then a few flowers & grass like bits at the bottom of the page a bit like the ones Geoff uses on his books. The next step was just to add a title which Geoff does with a very simple type face & places it in the centre at the top of the page & then I have finished, on this version I don't have a title though as its not been cropped yet.

This is a page in my sketch book which I have joined together to help show you what the page looks like together this is a detailed description on what topics you find in children's story picture books which explains why I have decorated the page with a lot of drawings for you to enjoy.

Sketch Book

This is the first page in my sketch book not the front cover the first page the topic is called Elements & as you can see the page is really decorated with lots of elements to make it really interesting & make a good start to the book which gets you really into it, which the first page needs to be like.

This bellow is my start on creating my own story book.
My storybook is called friend wanted in order to create this book i need to do lots of planning of ideas drawing I am always adding more & more to my book all the time so latter on I may need to add some more pages later on which will be above but i will express that by them so you know.

This is the description of what my story is about.

Some research pictures for my story book.
by using research pictures i can look at the way of which an animal looks & its features, which will help me in drawing my own animals for my story.

A collage of animal pictures for my storybook.
These are more research pictures the more i have the more it will help me & i wanted to present them in a different way so i did a collage.

Drawing some animals for my storybook.
At some point I will have the whole page full of animals which i have not done yet.

Looking at farmers for my storybook.
On one of my pages in my book I plan to use a farmer so i need to look at there features this farmer will be included with a sheep as well I do not want to use the farmer all the time as i want my book to be more about animals than people.

Looking at barns & buildings for my storybook.
I will include some barns on pages like a horse lives in a barn & a hen laying eggs in a barn so this will help me there.

Looking at cows for my storybook.
For my page with the cow on I decided that I will do a research page on each animal they some drawing on the page next to them.

Drawing some animals for my storybook.
These are my sheep drawings. Done from looking at the research page On sheep.

Drawing some more animals for my storybook.
This is a random page of drawings of all types of animals I will have two of these pages in my book.

Drawing animals for my storybook.
Page two of the random drawing animals pages.

Another research page on animals for my storybook.
These are lots of cartoon animal drawings which will help me add the child friendly theme to my book.

More animals for storybook.
This is another page on cartoon drawings so i can get lots of ideas for my book.

Looking at the storybook Melrose & Croc for ideas for my storybook.
This is to help me create my own book by looking & analyzing someone else's book I can create mine better as i know a bit more about how to design a childrens book.

Plan of the book Melrose & croc.
This is what happens on each page in the book.

Storybook page on what gos into one.
This is a two page design on features that go into a children's picture storybook.

I have joined the two above together so you can see what the whole page looked like in my book.

Photos taken with Nikon D5000 of storybooks for some ideas to help me with my book.
These are of all different types of book so i have varying ideas.
I brought these books myself from charity shops for 10p each so I could have them as a record to look at when i needed ideas.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

Womans face in the style of Rob Ryan.
I drew out this design first then with a cutting board I put it under the page then cut out with a cutting knife. on the page under neigh I stuck this pick stripy paper you can see down which i thought went rather well.

Research into punk Rock for Rob Ryan design piece in his style but my own design.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8

Work by Rob Ryan.

Page 9
Page 10
This was done in acrylics the task was to create something in 3D

A page on patterns.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Point & Line research

Page 1
Page 2
fine linear hand drawings.
With watercolor Background.

Still not finished yet working progress.

They will eventually blend together.


Ink splashed with a paintbrush onto paper.

Acrylic paint rubbed onto paper & fine-liner pen on top.


Black Ink

my point & line piece still not finished yet.

Crazy Pattern, this was done in Illustrator I like it as it is a really crazy design which when you look at it makes your eyes go really weird.

I found it really easy to make by just pressing enter button on the keyboard then copy.
The original of this can be seen below.

Original twirl done with Pen & Ink which I find as a really unique way of doing this & looks really effective on this Paint brush effect. I chose this colour as I thought that the black ink went really well with the green & blue background they really blend but yet stay apart from one another.

Photoshop of the dot seen above.

Using Photoshop I have coloured this in I like the colour scheme as it reminds me of the sea.

This done in Photoshop as well looks really good with the colour scheme as it is just a bit brighter than my other above.

Original Dots piece done with Fine liner pen & paper to create the curtain.

Rob Ryan Work edited in Photoshop.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Photoshop of a hand drawn piece in the style of Rob Ryan.
Page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
Page 14
Page 15
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
Add caption
Page 23
Page 24

Photoshop experiments
Pink Graphic

Black with bright
words before

Cropped white background

Lighter as

Cropped so
words come
of page

Logo Photoshop

Pink Background
for lighter

Sweet Peas Photoshop

Photoshop experimenting.
Sweet Peas

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