Monday, 28 June 2010

AOB3 Collect stuff

Russel Ayto Illustrations.
This illustrator I really like as the books look so interesting & are full of style, this Illustrator has some work on animals which suit to my story book idea.

With this sheet I am looking at Horses for the design of my character.

These images I found of the web & I placed them into Photoshop to create these research sheets for my story book Friend Wanted, the sheet bellow is all of Monkeys as my main character is a Monkey called Banana so I needed a lot of pictures showing different examples of there features.

This is another research sheet showing lots of different animals that will be included in my story.

Looking at lots of different pictures that I would like to use in my book as well.

research of Graphic logos

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Great work and blog, felicidades!!!

Frank, Barcelona

Through The Lens said...

lovely blog, and good work :D